Monday, May 28, 2012

Opened Heart 5K and Family Fun Walk

We want to start out by saying Thank You to everyone that supported us in this adventure! We appreciate Riverwood Resort ( for hosting the 5K, our parents for volunteering to work the 5K with us, all our friends and family that came out to support us, new friends we made from the race and those that were not able to come but sent us donations, bought t-shirts and prayed for us. Your outpouring of love has not gone un-noticed!
Our total donation amount (drum roll please) was right at $1,620 and we still have people sending in donations for t-shirts! That means after paying for t-shirts and supplies we raised over $1100 for our adoption, how awesome is that!!!

We had 15 people run the race and three people speed walk it.
Our winners were....

   1st Place Male: Bryson Crowell (age 10!) with a time of 23 :55
            2nd Place Male: Nick Grunwaldt with a time of 24:06


    1st Place Female: Kim Fowler with a time of 34:19
              2nd Place Female: Emily Johnson with a time of 41:51

In case anyone is interested, here are the times for the rest of the team!

Brent Callahan 25:36
Shane Strubbe 29:06
Brent Snyder 29:53
Ben Hobbs 30:24
Tim Pezzetti 35:11
Marco Valente 37:01
Jennifer Johnson 42:06
Evi Culter 42:05
Gib Adkins 59:44
Amber Sing 59:50
Trish Nail 59:50

 Click on the link below to watch an awesome short movie Robin made for us over the race. 
                       Openedheart 5K and Family Fun Walk Video

We had over 20 walkers on the Family Fun Walk as well! Way to go everyone!

Starting to set up

Gene's Parents aka Nena and Papa

My Parents aka MiMi and Papa

On your mark...

Get Set

and Go !

Thru the Woods

Over a Creek (The up a massive mountain hill)

Down the Gravel Road

And Down Some More

Follow the tour guides back thru

Last little leg,

And head to the finish line!

Phew-- I am tired just watching that!

Good friends

New beginnings

And what it was all about....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

1 Month DTE and Fundraiser

So in the controlled chaos whirlwind of a weekend with the 5K fundraiser and fun with family visits, I just realized we are one moth DTE today!

It seems to have gone by so quickly and yet I know that it will most likely soon feel as if it is dredging on at a snails pace for a while. Probably since we have been preoccupied with work and finishing out the academic year it has made this month go by fairly fast.

So how are our numbers looking now??? We have moved up two spots to #84 for an infant boy, up two to #36 for a toddler boy, Still #13 for an older sibling set and #20 for a child over 4
         To make a long and confusing story short...we still have no idea if our boy will be an infant or five and if he will have a brother or a sister as well. To some people this may sound crazy, stressful, crazy, scary or well did I say crazy? To us, we are letting God choose who or whom is best for our family by keeping the doors open for adoption. Numbers still say it will most likely be a sibling set, but still not sure on the ages. Since our request is fairly broad ( one child 0-5 or two 0-5 and 0-10) we may receive a sibling set before someone with a early DTE date but requesting a younger age. Clear as mud? Well, I could ramble discuss numbers and probabilities all day long but I'm sure you may be kinda tired of my number guessing.

Onto the Fundraiser.... 

The 5K  Runners starting to line up...
they had their work cut out for them!
The Openedheart 5K fundraiser was awesome and we raised close to $1,000 to help bring our little guy(s) home! Thank you so much for your love and support that you showed.  We were so blessed by everyone and my heart was filled with love and encouragement! My next post will have some good video and pics of the race and will show the winners as well. Here is a sneak peak pic until I have the video made...

Some of our walkers for the 5K. Way to go Trish, Gib and Amber!