Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow days

A little gift from God that our day to day things can stop and we get some added family fun time. Usually these days consist of playing games, making cookies from scratch, a good pot of soup and movie time. Yesterday's snow day consisted of packing....and more packing....and planning. I am thankful for the extra time we received so we can prepare for the upcoming move next weekend.

                                His first box...that means the call will come soon- right !
I had a very profound moment yesterday when I was going though our medicine cabinet and realized how much medicine we had that we either never use or had expired before we even opened it and how many duplicate I had. I was thinking about our future son and the million upon millions of third world children who don't have access to these medications. A simple tylenol or ibuprofen can change the outlook for a sick child and I had about 4 outdated bottles.....I really started thinking how responsible am I with what I have.

This week as we start pulling things out from closets and storage rooms I see how much excess we have. It reminded me of the time we went to a flea market filled with "little treasures" , Kellsie's eyes were wide, she looked at me and said "Mom, I don't wanna be a hoarder" Oh my! God- I don't wanna be a hoarder of you blessings.

So this week I am diving into my bible and beginning to read Jen Hatmakers 7 where she reduces down to 7 foods for one month, seven clothing items for one month and so on. I have been avoiding this book as I am afraid of what it will stir in me. I can tell you, I don't think I could ever be as disciplined as she was and stick to just the 7 foods for one month but I do hope to weed out some excess thinking in my life.

In the mean time I think we might take a break from this packing and take a little dance fest in this house!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A little soul searching then some fun family updates

As you read in our last post we have passed the 9 month mark. I have chosen to focus on my family and work and remembering that we still have a son out there somewhere I may not yet know his name or recognize his face but he is there waiting and so are we. Every night we pray for our new son but today I am also starting to pray for his birth parents as well. For the family that has made the ultimate sacrifice of choosing a life for their son that they are unable to give. I will always be thankful for their willingness to put our child first, may I be able to remember and honor their decision too.

Ok...done with the deep now onto the lighter side
     Fun family updates....

I am in shock that Kellsie will be turning 8 next month. Seems like this little ball of sweetness grows faster than ever before.

Jacob started shaving so I believe he is now officially a young man. He continues to amaze me in his humor and sense of purpose.

Saria is ready to start track soon and has been spending lots of time getting ready for her next choir concert. She is still full of life and praying about joining the mission field this summer.

Gene has been busy at work and planning different projects for the house, always my handy man! He has lost more weight so we are back to adding in protein shakes but thankfully his healthy is still good and he is active as ever.

I have been working a lot lately and in between being director of guidance, regular counselor duties, raising a family, planning our adoption, getting ready for a move and life in general I decided to persue
National Board Certification as a School Counselor.
Because I have nothing else to do- right (insert eye roll here)
What does this mean for me? Check out the pic to see....

Lots and lots and lots of preparation, analyzing, typing and time. I am blessed to be able to be working on this with my awesome co-worker Rebecca and this weekend we were able to work on our entries all weekend long.

Tune in next time to see our next post of craziness Collins style!