Thursday, January 23, 2014

Did we fall of the end of the Earth?

 I realize that I have not blogged in well over a month, several of my most recent blog posts have been about faith/poverty/Noonday, so that means you all are probably ready for a little family update.I have to cut myself a little slack, we are a family of six with two full time working parents [we are insane] that have two busy teenagers and two cuddly little kids...oh, and a dog and 4 chickens...cant forget the chickens {again-we are insane] But I digress.....

Well,  It has been 5 months since this day...

Wow- to watch that again. Remembering how scary and exciting it was for him all at once. It feels like it took us forever to get here and yet other days I think we just brought N home. I seriously can not believe the progress we have made in such short time. In the beginning the days were so very hard and he was grieving so much, but now with the ability to talk and communicate he is able to share so much more with us. Now, we still have age appropriate temper tantrums and pouting but afterwards he apologizes and we move on. Gone (hopefully for good) are the days of "No white mom", "No America" and "Diaper Donkey" - although for the record diaper donkey is going in the life book!

Its the little moments where he can now share memories and thoughts and perceptions with his new found language ability. Sometimes the statements he makes are so profound I am just amazed at our little man's understanding of the world and his ability to see things. Yesterday as he was eating his new found favorite snack (Hawaiian King bread with berbere spread on it) he told me:

        "Mom- I love America food. In Ethiopia me so hungry, no dis (points to fridge)
           or dis (point to stove) or dis mom (points to microwave). Mom- we no dis either
           (the pantry). Just little food mom [in Ethiopia], now me get food anytime I hungry. I love you
            Mom. You so good. Mmmmm"

I mustache you a question! 
When your a mom of a child from a hard place and things are going well, it can be so very hard to remember where they come from and who they were. He is still the same boy with the beautiful smile and the mischievous personality but he is beginning to feel safe and loved and at home which makes this woman one happy mommy.

This month I think we finally started really learning how to just breathe. No longer are we in survival mode or even really exhaustion We are a family and we work together. Life is doable now and the hubbs and I don't feel {as} overwhelmed most days. Hopefully I will do better at keeping our blog updated and sharing some of these "firsts" with you. Until them, from our family to yours...Happy New Year {23 days late but who's counting!}

(our posed picture and the only one where all four kids are smiling and have eyes open). 
Were sisters....[insert lyrics from White Christmas]

Amazed every day at the bond of these brothers!

My two high energy kids here...playtime buddies!