Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DTE 3 Month Mark


We hit our third month of DTE. I have to say this past month has had a lot of emotional up and downs. The struggle of the unknown is very hard for me. I know God is doing a work on our hearts. Starting out we knew our wait was going to be at least 12 months if not longer of waiting, however since we have upped our age range and added the possibility of a sibling it has moved us up in those areas and made this wait be unpredictable and feel forever longer. 

Its actually really ironic because one among the many reasons we choose international adoption is there is a timeline and a waiting list. You are matched with a child thru a very lengthy process but in the type of domestic adoption we were looking into you wait for a birth mother to choose you so there is no waiting list, just she chooses you or not. Somehow I thought we would have more control in that....haha! I know God just gave a smirk because he is the one who matches us in the first place....and here we are now adopting thru Ethiopia with such a broad range we could have one child who is five or two siblings age one and ten!

Here is the latest breakdown of our numbers.....
     Infant Boy

  Boy Age 18-47 months

 Siblings under the age of 10
                          (Out of those nine we are the only family that is open all the 
                                            way up to one child age 10 and age 5).

  One Boy age 48 months and up 
                                   (Out of those 5 only 6 are requesting boys so we
                                               are really #6 in line for a child 48 months and only
                                               2 families are open to a five or six year old so we are
                                               really #2 for a five or six year old).

So when you start looking at siblings and older children as you can see, the need is much greater HUGE for those children to have forever families. Thank you for loving on us this month and always asking about our adoption process. I may not always have news on movement but it is so nice to have you ask about it !

To help keep sanity in our house, I am back to reading a few verses and meditating on them in the morning and limiting myself to electronic media ( I really may have an obsession with the waiting child list for our agency) and finding things to do to occupy my time like fun adventures with the kids and organizing.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Late night ramblings....

I love VBS...I hate 105 degree weather....I miss my BFF Ashlee who now joins me in being in her 30's and has kept me grounded for over 15 years....I hope that I can be a better mom each and every day....I have a hard time letting go of people and giving up on them....Chocolate and Krista's Island Paradise makes me happy....I want to be Jesus with skin on to everyone and not just the people society says are important....Mosquitoes are hell on Earth....Spice flavors the world...I wish my children appreciated their American Pleasures more....I wish I appreciated my American Pleasures more...I want to know who are child(ren) are and wish desperately I could know who and when they will join us....