Friday, August 31, 2012

Month 4 DTE Update

As school went into full swing this month we have been one crazy busy family. We had fun with my cousin Ray and his wife Dessa and thier hansome 10 month old son Baby Ray, so sweet to see the kids play with him. Of course Kellsie was in heaven! I am grateful for the rain we have this weekend and the peace in our home that only a rainstorm and baking cookies seems to bring. 

When you check out the numbers this month you will see it has been really slow for referrals in our agency, only 5 this month so our numbers barely changed a little this month...with the exception of the last number! But, what that doesn't show is the 20 children that passed court and the 20 children that came home this month. It was so exciting to watch week after week as families announced their new children's beautiful faces and celebrated forever families being made. There is some more great news about a referral (not ours but amazingly awesome!) but it will have to wait until the next post, man I can't wait to share with you!!!   

So here are our numbers this month:

For an Infant Boy

        For a Toddler Boy

    For Siblings ( There are only a few families open to a child above six so this one is still kinda tricky)

 For a Boy over 48 months! And this is the best part
We are Number........

For a Boy age five or six!!!!!!

Can I get an Amen!!!!

So how does this happen....well some numbers go down because a family receives a referral and some numbers go up because a family changes their request (for example changes request from 0-2 to 0-4 ) or announces themselves on the America World Yahoo group that maintains an "uunofficial-official waiting list" and have a DTE (dossier to Ethiopia) date before ours.   

So how much longer? Lord knows! and I wish he would tell me! but really only God knows. It could be a week from now or it still could be months from today. Whatever the time frame is, we continue to wait, learn, enjoy the way our family is right now and know that somewhere out there we have a son (or two) and we dream.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time slips away....

This is not my official "DTE update" but I am thinking of time lines. I am so thankful that we have such supportive friends and family. It warms my heart when each one of you ask how our adoption is going and our movement. It is depressing sad to say that our agency has had no referrals in August so I have nothing to report as of today. However, please keep asking and acknowledging our process. Not a hour day goes by that I don't obsess think about our future Ethiopian child(ren) and pray for them so it feels so good to know that you are thinking about it too!

Since there is no movement in the adoption front I thought I would share with you what we have been doing to keep from going crazywith anticipation ourselves busy.

I enjoyed the month of July off and then returned back to Lebanon High School August 1st. I Love watching how my awkward freshman become confident sophomores, my sophomores getting it in gear and going into juniors and my juniors awed and the possibilities they now have as seniors and then meeting all my new freshman and their families. As a counselor in the schools I have such a unique relationships with teens in our community, I am so thankful God placed me there!

Geno is still hard at work and finished up teaching a class with some new solders. He started running this summer and I have to brag and say....I have one HOT hubbie who can run a 5k in under 23 minutes! Oh yea....We also celebrated our 9th year of marriage. Man does time slip away!

Our three homegrown kids continue to do just that...GROW! Kellsie finally learned how to swim, Jacob spent some good time with his mom and Saria had a great time running cross country and actually ran a half marathon. Yes- my 13 year old daughter ran over 13.1 miles! Oh yea....

And I just calculated I have five years left until Jacob and Saria are ready to go out into the world themselves and Kellsie will be their time really slips away!