Monday, January 30, 2012

How is your soil?

Since Gene and I have started this adoption process that God has laid upon us it is amazing to see the work he is doing in our hearts. This weekend our Pastor shared the parable of the seed and the soil. I was challanged to think which soil I have in my heart and what the soil of my family is as well.
 There are four basic types: 
     1. the seed beside the road that does not plant and birds scoop it up
     2. a seed in rocky soil that withers because it is not supported
     3. seeds that grew in thorns and the thorns incased it, choking it out
     4. and finally the good soil where the seed grows and multiplies.
As we reflected in small groups I believe that at different times in our lives we are different parts of the soil. I think as of this time in my life I am trying to be the good soil and some days I make the sunshine just right and it gently rains and I am the good soil, growing a beautiful crop of seeds. But see, most of the time, Im the soil that grows in thorns. I let the "world" get in the way.  I feel like I sometimes and searching for the right look, the right house, the right vacation, the right amount of money....which really gets in the way of my relationship with God.
     When I am focused on what I want and what other people seed, is choked. Those prickly thorns of "I work hard for this-I deserve it" or "I have to have this if Im going to be respected/accepted". Man, my thorns are burley and thick and often times appear like roses until I get close, and pricked.  Then those dang thorns cover up the sun and the rain and my soil gets hard, my soil and my seed start to wither because they are not being feed. Then where am I.....and for you....what type of soil do you have....where are you at?

Friday, January 27, 2012


So.....we should be getting our notarized finalized homestudy sometime this weekend and then we will send in our I600-A. This is a United States Imigration and Citizenship document requesting to bring an Orphan to the Unites States. That document gets sent to Texas that then gets logged and sent back to Missouri. Once they recieve it we are put us on a list to have our fingerprints taken in Jefferson City. Then we get a "biometric date" (sounds like something off an 80's love story) we drive to Jeff City, have our "biometric time" and wait for the results to come back. The expected time is anywhere from a few weeks to two months.....-note to self time frames are very subjective in the adoption process :)

 Once our fingerprints and background checks are all done we put our Dossier together!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

We received our first copy of the homestudy today! All 16 pages... It's funny to be reading about yourself and your life. For those of you that have not heard of one before,  It's like a condensed version of our life history, things that influenced our lives, parenting styles, income, home and health information, expectations of adoption and future family plans. It's purpose is to create a comprehensive picture of our current life and background.

Our social worker, Shannon Wilson, was so awesome and made us feel at ease with the whole process. She had good information for us and as it turns out has done many homestudies with several of our friends. Here she is with us at our last meeting before  our youngest son comes home (or what will most likely be the case) our wait time is longer than a year we will see her again in January 2013 for an update.
Shannon and us.
Now onto fingerprints with Unites States Citizenship, Immigration Services.....

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ethiopian Christmas!

        Melkam Gena!!!!

Merry Christmas in Amharic. A good friend of mine reminded me that today is Ethiopoan Christmas.

 Since Ethiopia uses the ancient Julian calender, today is what Ethiopia calls Ganna.   It is celebrated with praying and chanting the night before then a processions thru the villiage/city to the Church. Then family meals in the evening where they make and eat Doro Wat. If a family has enough money they may be able to add in lamb or chicken.(Thank you for enlightening our cultural knowledge) Wow- kinda makes our Christmas celebrations way over the top and extravagant. Im glad our adoption journey is also a good reminded of how God has blessed our family and it is our responsibility to thank him and pass that blessing on. 

I think next year we will try to learn and make Doro Wat in honor of the country that will place with us our new son.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Amharic- My adventures in language

So in my effort to be a cross cultural family and educate myself I went on a google search to try to hear a little Amharic super overwhelemed!  Did you know each of the 33 Amharic letters has like 7 different forms with different vowels and consanants. First, our alphabet only has 26 letters- where do the extra six come from? The how do you make 7 forms then combinations then male/female/respect..aahhhhh...
 Good thing our watiting time to meet our little boy will be so long, I think Im going to need it just to learn the alphabet! Maybe by the time he comes home I will have a few words down, or at least mom and dad!
I do have to mention though, Im watching Amharic music videos and listening to Ethiopian pop music right now and I think I like it, it's kinda catchy! 
If you want a taste of my new music here you go! BTW-you know Im trying these dance moves too...this mama has some moves!