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Can I even call what we have had in December and January in Missouri a winter? This year we have had temperature changes from 32 degrees all the way up to 75 degrees. Christmas was nice and relaxing. This was the first year Gene had the entire christmas break off and I thought for sure we would be tired of one another but come that work day we all kinda missed one another! We were super lazy this year and I think I rotated between pj's and yoga pants each day.

Here are a few of those moments...

My name is Collins....Gene Collins.....               Hello Gene- I think this should be                                                                       a mandatory outfit for him 2x a year!

We went to the Marine Corps Ball with my parents as my Dad was the guest speaker. (This is what happens when you try to squeeze a ballgown into a car, would have got a shot of all of it but it was to much for the camera)

Jacob (on the far right) volunteered as a Salvation Army Bell Ringer for NJHS

Cookie making by Saria


Almost forgot- poor Gene got sick for about 2 days and ran a nast fever

Some of my amazing girls from small group

The boys doing what they do best- eating!

Snowball fun with the Collins Cousins down in West Plains.
That's one serious snow ball thrower!

Two of my sweet nieces
      Our family loves the summer, it means the kids are out of school, we stay up late roasting marshmellows and watching movies, swim at the pool and go on adventures together! This year we are skipping the usual "Collins Family Vacation" and doing a few short trips in hopes to keep costs low and be able to save more for our adoption. Check out this page to see all the fun adventures we will be doing this summer!

Our Capitan

How I like to enjoy the Lake.

Out on the Lake
Minature Golf (and this time we made it through with only one set of tears- no one in our family likes to loose! )
Jacob teaching Kellsie how to catch Crawfish

                                            The Collins Clan to date

This little blogger...

My little big man...

Little Miss...

Our busy bee..

The Gene-o

I thought I would add in a page just about our Family and Our daily lives as well. Now you can track our adoption process and our lives at the same time !

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