Monday, January 19, 2015


I spent a weekend with a community of women who inspired me to be more.  A weekend where I was reminded of the beauty God gave each individual woman and the compassion we have towards one another. We all shook off our fears and judgment and created authentic connection. It was during these few days that I really embraced who I am and where my passions lay.

I wish I could have tucked you into my little suitcase and brought you along for the ride because it was a RIDE! Here are a few pics of my roomies for the weekend! These ladies are Ah-mazing!!!

We heart the rustic tote!

We were all a great match! We arrived strangers and left as besties! 

Noonday Collection brought it a variety of speakers. We heard from Karen Gibbs from By Hand Consulting who shared some astonishing facts in regards to global purchasing. (Like 30%of you ladies want to be socially responsible when you purchase!) International Justice Mission came and motivated me to step out and share my passion for social justice and human rights.

Then my world got rocked… (no- it was not Jen Hatmaker) we got to hear first hand work that is being done in our partner artisan groups.

Moon is in the middle holding the bag. 
Moon comes from a family who has dedicated their lives to fighting for the rights of the marginalized. Her father started working in the late sixties with economically disadvantaged artisans to create opportunities to improve their income and their children’s future by setting up Tara Projects.

 They have campaigned against exploitation, poverty, illiteracy, child and bonded labor. ( They remain the largest catalyst for fair trade in all of India. Noonday Collection is able to partner with them to provide a global market place for their artisans.
If you are a Noonday girl then you know the story of Jalia and Daniel. We refer to them as our rock stars! Because of your partnership with Noonday Africa New Life has grown to now 100 workers in the workshop and 300 women rolling beads while being able to work from their own home and provide for their children. 31 children are able to attend school because of the scholarship program; they have set up an emergency assistance program and are beginning to create a daycare as well!

 Jalia wanted me to tell you-
   “You are making women in Uganda SHINE. Our products are hand- made and the supply chain is clean- there is no child labor and your purchases create jobs for women….You are the true Rock Star”
See baby Zed- he is just 5 weeks old!!!! 

I even got to have some personal style advice from New York Stylist and blogger Jessie Artigue {@styleandpepper} and Hilary Rushford {@hilaryrushford} a personal stylist and entrepreneur mentor.  I have a few beauty tips up my sleeves I am going to be sharing with you later but for now I will share this awesome pic! 

Jessie on the left and Hilary on the right. Hilary and I also happened to drop it like its hot later that night on the dance floor. That girl has some moves now!!!

#Why Do I Noonday? 

Noonday makes me feel globally connected through the work of our partner artisans. When I share their stories I have the power to be part of a collective voice for the oppressed. I can share my passion while making women feel special. I get to bring out YOUR inner beauty with hand- made accessories. I have a platform to speak about adoption and the beautiful birth country of my son. But most of all…

I get to create a world where children are cherished, 
          women are empowered rather than treated as property,      
               people are connected all across the globe and   
                           dignified jobs are made.

Jessica and I 

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