Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Normal

Blogging started as a way to document our adoption and share our journey. As our journey started to unfold so did the blog. It expanded to more than just adoption and really stared to take shape. Through out the years {I can not believe YEARS!} it has grown into posts that center on reflection and restoration. From the early days of telling the steps of adoption to learning more about myself I have striven to share my struggles and my successes. 
If you have followed along, you know that our lives have shifted and God has done some crazy things in our lives {I mean like 2014- thank the Lord you are over- could not have happened any sooner}. He has closed some doors and made his path clear for us, at least for the time being. I have always wanted a big sign from Him and like a billboard - I got it! 
With my change to now being a stay at home mom while I heal,  I hope to use this blog as my beginning platform to speak truth and grace. I have never felt like a very good writer and definitely think I yammer on way to long. I also know that in all the things God is showing me and that I am learning, I can not keep quiet! Ya'll he is teaching me some crazy stuff and it can't be all for me! 
It has been a hard road these last few years, and I am certainly not out of the woods yet. I am a continual work in progress. But, what I do have is a firm understanding of who I am and how I am to live this day. There is a burning heart that wants desperately to help you discover the life you were meant to live as well. We can call it- A new normal.
Lets do this thing!
As a way of starting fresh- my blog has moved to:

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